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With Anton a developer or computeruser can easily search for textpatterns (literally or with Regex) in many different files simultaneously. When the textpattern is found, it can be changed in one or more files, also simultaneously. It is also possible to delete one or more files where the textpattern has been found. While you can, it is not recomended to change more than one file at once with RegEx, because the result can be unpredictable.
It is also possible to look for files where a selected text is NOT PRESENT and to delete these files too. You can, however, toggle between case-intensitivity and case-sensitivity. The default is case-sensitivity without RegEx.
After finding a searchtext, it is possible to edit the file(s) one at the time for further inspection.
Anton supports many textformats like RTF(D), TXT , HTML CSS, PY, SH, H, M. When a searchtext is found, Anton will show the first place in the text where it is found, when you edit the file. The editor has the possibility to search for another searchtext too. The file can also be changed with the new searchtext.
For deletion the editor has to be closed.
You can instruct Anton to look in certain files. You can use wildcards in the filename like * and ?. It is also possible to exclude certain files or types. You can use wildcards there as well. The ? stands for one unknown character, the * stands for many unknown characters. F.e. tes?file*.m will find: testfile4.m, tesdfile45.m etc.

The name Anton is chosen after Saint Antonius of Padua, the patron saint of lost things. The goal of Anton is to make the life of a computeruser in general or a developer in particular more easy. Use it well and have fun.

Anton is available in the AppStore for $ 4.99. Updating is free of charge.

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