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Your computer and the installed software are saving reusable data in a cache file (temporary memory) on the harddisk, in order to approach it in an efficient way. After a while it is possible that the data get compromised and a program starts working in an unexpected way. Cleaning the cache will solve this problem.

CacheCleaner2, as the name already suggest, cleans the cache(s) of the program(s) you choose. After cleaning the caches, the status window will show if the cleaning was successful and if the program restarted.

In some cases it is not possible to clean a cache. There are several reasons why a cache can't be cleaned:

- the cache is in a unexpected place on the disk, for instance outside the home directory;
- the access rights prohibit CacheCleaner2 to clean the cache. In this case try to repair the
  file permissions with the help of the disk utility app in the Utilities directory.

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